Crowdfunding Spotlight: WRENCHit – Turning Smart

March 30, 2016
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Crowdfunding Spotlight: WRENCHit – Turning Smart



Still all-in-one and ingenious. A reinvented spanner with easy-cycling and interchangeable wrenches. Whenever you need, WRENCHit!


Many great movie trilogies had ever brought happiness to our lives (The Lord of the Rings, The Godfather, Back to the Future, The Matrix…). Thanks to these unforgettable films, we think it would be a good idea to make our Tool Pen series an excellent trilogy as well. No more screwdrivers, but there’s another utility tool to make your collection complete – WRENCHit!


wrenchit 1a


Right off the bat, we want to say thank you for supporting our previous projects - Tool Pen andTool Pen mini. We’re very happy being part of this amazing Kickstarter community, and we truly intend to present all our new ideas to YOU, Incredible Backers first!

    “You guys are awesome. Very happy with your attention to detail and the fact you shipped your product on time. I think Kickstarter should use your company as the reference for how a project should be executed. No joke.” - Brian Phillips

    “Very surprised, wonderfully packaged, excellent piece of equipment, easy to use, good to look at. Thank you, you have helped to restore my faith in Kickstarter projects.” - Phoenix Youth

    “The machining, everything - it's so beautiful and classy. Love, love, love this set. So useful, so well machined, so precise. I love the way the cap goes on - all of it. Superb job, guys. My hat is off to you.” - Shelley Gammon

    “Amazing. A Kickstarter project that delivered on time, and is exactly as described.” - TMH


wrenchit 1b


WRENCHit is a portable and multi-functional spanner, but the one that's totally different from every other project you’d ever seen before. Inherit the joyful experience of using Tool Pens,WRENCHit employs similar “Pop-A-Point” design that lets you select and interchange the wrenches with different sizes and shapes while cycling through. With a tough yet pocket-friendly wrench channel (sleeve), it allows you to slide the wrenches in and out very smoothly, and the sleeve will also offer a sturdy arm for applying torque to turn objects.

This one-stop toolbox will eliminate many spanners or toolkits you need to carry, thereby you’ll enjoy the handy and deft construction, as well as its convenience and flexibility.


wrenchit 1c


Each WRENCHit carries up to 5 wrenches, and there are 15+ most-frequently-used functions we create initially. The sleeve is made of high-grade "SUS 420 Stainless Steel" with a sandblasted finish, and every wrench is also using SUS 420, which makes this powerful tool strong and durable with the well-balanced heft and strength. Aside from that, the size and spec appear to be engraved on every wrench legibly, you’ll effortlessly find which one you need and where it’s positioned in the sleeve.


wrenchit 1d


Swap Wrenches Very Simply

Aesthetically, WRENCHit stays neat and simple designs. You’ll appreciate its lightweight but catch-all implement, so that you can casually carry it with you on the go. Swapping of wrenches will let you do everything of turning various nuts or bolts from your furniture, bike, appliances, to many sport equipment and household gadgets.


wrenchit 1e



WRENCHit is more than just a novel toolset, it’s an innovative and clever solution that makes repairs a cinch. We believe this thoughtful and unprecedented design will bring you the best experiences, like what you met in Tool Pen’s journey!



wrenchit 1f



For WRENCHit project, we'll still collaborate with existing supply chain partners who had developed and manufactured our high-quality Tool Pens. All products are made in Taiwan & shipped from Taiwan, and we aim to deliver your rewards on August, 2016.



wrenchit 1g


wrenchit 1h


wrenchit 1i



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