Crowdfunding Spotlight: WolfPit – Creating the ultimate olive oil

December 16, 2014
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Crowdfunding Spotlight: WolfPit – Creating the ultimate olive oil



The quest for the best olive oil through the application of composting,irrigation and TLC.


Campaign Highlights

Fossa di Lupo is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil from South East Sicily.

Matthew and Marianna which are professional not related to the agriculture industry in any manner (Naval architect & Interior designer respectively), are aiming at producing a new range of their produce to celebrate the birth of Lavinia, our first child born in July.

It is our wish to improve the outcome of our crop, since due to poor weather conditions this year, our total harvest is 75% less than 2013.




Our Story

Marianna and Matthew are relatively new to the Agriculture sector, having worked as an interior designer and as a naval architect respectively.

Marianna's passion for her land (Sicily) and her roots have led her together with Matthew to start up and develop the manufacturing and selling of Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil into a business.

We have been at it since December 2012, having met a series of milestones over these 2 years:

• P.D.O. Certification.  Demonstrating the quality and pureness of our produce,
• Bio/Organic certification:  We are two years into the compulsory 3 years required for Organic certification.  This process shall be complete by end of 2015, when we will officially have the Bio/Organic certification.




The Oil

"Wolf Pit/Fossa di Lupo" is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from the selection of the best olives from our grove located in the contrada 'Fossa di Lupo', this location is part of the P.D.O. Monti Iblei areas and in particular the subarea of 'Valle dell'Irminio'. The olives used produce an extraordinary P.D.O. Monti Iblei extra virgin olive oil.
The result is an exclusive and unique blend of extra virgin olive oil, which has a herbaceous fragrance and taste , oil of extreme high quality which can be defined, both by it's external looks as well as by the quality of it's contents as a sinphony of various sense notes which change as the oil moves along the throat.

We also produce a range of interesting fusions of extreme taste: Lemon, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Orange and Chilli. All our fusions enhance the flavors without covering the extra virgin taste, and they are a perfect combination for the dishes it accompanies (see above).



In "Wolf Pit/Fossa di Lupo" olive oil you will find the true and unmistakable flavour of the purest Sicilian extra virgin olive oil. Our oil is unique in it's flavour, quality and health properties, as well as traditional in its production through the cold pressing within hours of harvesting olives. These few teachings have been handed down and followed over the years, and together with the Sicilian climate , the fertile land and a great passion for the healthy , are essential ingredients to get obtain a unique extra virgin olive oil. 'Wolf Pit' oil is a product for real connoisseurs, unique in its kind due to the percentages of cultivars involved. Our policy is " Elegance at the table, Luxury for the palate ." For this reason our oil turns out a melody from both the quality of the oil as well as the luxurious design of the packaging.





It would be our intention to improve our range of extra virgin olive oil, through introducing new techniques to our olive grove.

The techniques we wish to improve/introduce include:

• Composting techniques
• Adequate irrigation for the summer drought months
• Adequate and expert pruning twice a year on half a grove at a time
• Earth oxygenation
• Adequate labeling and closure of fencing


Eventually and only should we exceed the Indiegogo target goal , we would also fund the following:

• Creation of a structured commercial/sales dept.
• Approaching the US and Canada markets through sales investments
• Approaching further top luxury markets/targets (Asia, Middle East)
• Improve e-commerce tools
• Redesigning packaging for 100ml tasting bottles in pack of 5 gift luxury boxes
• Creation of 'Scents of Sicily' range of olive oils
• Creation of 'Scents of Italy' range of olive oils
• Creation of 'Scents of the Mediterranean' range of olive oils

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