Crowdfunding Spotlight: Thirteen-Year Old’s Organic Cupcake Franchise Aimed at Healthier Eating & Raising Awareness Launches Kickstarter Campaign

July 19, 2017
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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Thirteen-Year Old’s Organic Cupcake Franchise Aimed at Healthier Eating & Raising Awareness Launches Kickstarter Campaign



DALLAS, July 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Texas teenager Nina Warda, the founder of "Nina's Organic Cupcakes," a business venture designed to offer healthier organic cupcakes and organic color matching beverages (lattes, smoothies and infused waters), is reaching out to the public through Kickstarter, the popular crowdfunding website. The capital will help Nina to open her first store and demonstrate that this dynamic, health-friendly and forward-thinking concept is indeed viable as a business model, with franchise locations to follow in the near future.

Visit the Kickstarter Campaign at:

These are lofty goals for a thirteen-year-old, but this young lady is no newcomer to the field of healthier eating and the promotion of food safety. Nina is an advocate for educating adults and kids alike about the benefits of good nutrition, which is a key component and one of the many features that ranks Nina's Organic Cupcakes in a category of its own.

The idea for Nina's Organic Cupcakes came from personal experience. One day Nina was invited to a birthday party. Her friend's mother brought out a vibrantly colored cupcakes -  but Nina knew that it was loaded with artificial flavorings and colors. She didn't eat it, but it got her imagination going: how could she make an organic version of the cupcakes that everyone would love - but without harming their bodies at the same time?

Diligently researching the subject, Nina came to realize just how few options are out there for people who want to eat fun, celebratory foods while not damaging their health in the process. She became determined to establish a niche in today's cluttered but very unhealthy food landscape. After developing the concept of organic cupcakes that are made from organic ingredients and free of artificial dyes, harmful toxins and GMOs (genetically modified organisms), she soon got busy putting in all of the hard work necessary to make that dream a reality.

Nina is a Certified Nutrition Coach, a Certified Raw Food & Plant Based Chef, and an entrepreneur. Even at her young age, she has been determined to get the word out about the need for better eating habits for a long time. She has been outspoken in her crusade to make people realize that they can take control of their own health.

Right now is a perfect time for Nina's launch, as there is a powerful potential for the new business to not only be successful, but to actually help people in meaningful way, which is why she felt compelled to appeal for assistance through Kickstarter, to give the company the extra boost that it needs. The resourceful thirteen-year old has already produced numerous videos on food-related topics and online cooking lessons. Her goal is to raise awareness and empower others to make well informed decisions, provide healthier alternative to what's available. Her entire family is taking part in the business, as her older brother Alex, 15, and both her parents have studied nutrition and are Certified Nutrition Coaches. Their message is simple: eating healthier doesn't mean giving up fun, delicious foods. It's all about becoming educated and making wise decisions about what you put in your body.

Nina's Organic Cupcakes is specifically designed to stand at the forefront of a rapidly growing organic movement to improve people's health through better eating habits and enhance consumer awareness via online education. This exciting new enterprise goes well beyond cupcakes, and it involves far more than just entrepreneurial ambitions. Please visit her Kickstarter page for more information on how you can help Nina to reach out to the world with her important message.







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