Crowdfunding Spotlight: SOSU Barrel-Aged Sriracha

February 26, 2014
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Crowdfunding Spotlight: SOSU Barrel-Aged Sriracha




I'm Lisa, the Chief Sauce Maker at Sosu Sauces. It's my passion to make tastier, healthier, and wildly creative versions of everyday sauces. Last year on Kickstarter, we invited you to rediscover ketchup with our first sauce, Srirachup, a perfect marriage of our house-blend sriracha and ketchup. 7x7 Magazine named as one of the Best Local Gems of San Francisco and we were honored as a Good Food Award Finalist for this delicious sauce.

Now we are on a mission to make improvements upon another sauce—sriracha.
We age our sriracha in whiskey barrels!



We combined our philosophy of using fresh, locally sourced ingredients with the age-old craft of fermentation. We age our secret pepper mash in whiskey barrels for between 1-3 months. The sriracha takes on complex flavors from the oak barrels and the natural fermentation process. Absolutely no preservatives or additives go into our sriracha. Each bottle is handcrafted and made in small batches to ensure the most intense flavors.

Our ingredients are simple: chili peppers, brown sugar, garlic, and salt. No potassium sorbate or Sodium Bisulfite.


When we tasted the first batch of our Barrel-Aged Sriracha, we knew we were onto something big. The flavors are spicy, fruity, and had a lingering smokiness from the oak barrels. It is Sriracha, but one that we’ve never tasted quite like this before.


Limited Edition Barrel-Aged Sriracha, aged for 3 months

As with whiskey, the aging time greatly impacts the flavor of our sriracha. We normally age our sriracha for one month in order to preserve the bright, fruity flavor of the peppers. But we are releasing a limited-edition Barrel-Aged Sriracha aged for 3 month exclusively for our Kickstarter supporters. This additional time in the whiskey barrels brings out a sweeter, more robust, and smokier flavors of the oak barrels to create a balance in the spiciness.


Barrel-Aged Hot Sauce and Sriracha Salt

But wait, there's more. Our waste-not, want not philosophy inspired us to create two additional products from the by-products of our sriracha—Barrel-Aged Hot Sauce and Sriracha Salt.


Oysters not included, but a good pairing with the hot sauce!

Barrel Aged Hot Sauce is our version of a vinegar-based hot sauce. Also aged in whiskey barrels, we soak the leftover pepper skin and seeds from our sriracha to create a spicy, tangy, and fruity and perfectly balanced hot sauce. Full of flavor, it's good stuff. (4oz)



Our Sriracha Salt will become your favorite go-to seasoning. It’s spicy, nutty, lightly roasted with a hint of oak and goes well on anything (especially pizza!).

Sosu on Kickstarter

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