Crowdfunding Spotlight: Purse for the People

October 7, 2015
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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Purse for the People



Hello, I'm Carole Murphy, the founder of Purse for the People. Though originally a dentist by training, my new passion is to:

1.  Make sure that customers, the environment and all our partners win in the process of doing business.  I invested the last three years of my life preparing for the launch of Purse for the People -- studying, researching, building relationships and charting a course with the help of many others.

2.  Create an online business that allows customers to design their own handbag.  Make our products in the USA with attention to quality and make them with materials that are good for the planet.







Our campaign is really part of a movement to do business better.  We are asking you to join and help us.  By taking this approach, I believe we can be even more profitable over the long term.

How does a dentist get into the business of making handbags you might ask?  I wanted to leverage my potential in a way that could help more people. After much thought and consideration, I realized that one of the most powerful forces for improving the lives of people was business, especially business done in a way that nurtures people and the planet.  So I made a pivot to follow my passion and make a difference.  I’ve always dreamed of returning to my hometown and working to improve our local economy by creating manufacturing jobs that will pay a decent wage.  The handbags were a perfect fit since I love fashion, and especially these beautiful bags.





What We Need & What You Get

Our Goal: $30,000

We have 300 handbags shipping from our suppliers. These are non-customized off the shelf bags we are offering as our perks.  These bags represent what we will be creating locally by importing just the outer rattan bodies to be built into the bags our customers design on line. The beauty of rattan is that it grows wild in the rainforest and by highlighting its use we can help conserve the forests where it grows.





The money from this campaign will help us to

1. Add custom design to our website.  We need a special type of software (configurator) that will make it possible for you, the customer, to create the style of bag you want.

2. Build inventory of necessary supply parts i.e. leather, fabric, hardware, rattan etc. to be used in the local manufacturing process.

3.  Purchase more pre-made bags for sale as we build manufacturing ability.

What you get:  Beautiful and unique bag(s) handmade in Java by traditional artists.  We are offering three styles to select from.  Each bag features rattan woven with skill and care into beautiful designs that are surprisingly strong.









Visit their crowdfunding site

Visit their website


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