Crowdfunding Spotlight: Pura Vida Tequila

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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Pura Vida Tequila





Tell us your favorite flavor and let us know where to expand our distribution.

You'll be the first to get one of 3 new Pura Vida tequila flavors: your choice of Almond, Apple & Limeon. Or if you prefer, choose a bottle of our Founders Special Edition triple distilled Silver.

These special expressions are only available through this campaign and will be produced in our new distillery. States with the most orders let us know where to expand distribution first, so share this campaign with your family and friends. Estimated delivery summer 2016.



For participating in our Brick by Brick campaign YOUR NAME will be permanently inscribed into a brick in our new distillery's "Aging and Tasting Room".

As a Founder's Club member, you'll also be part of the Pura Vida Family and gain access to special Pura Vida offerings, private parties, tickets to exclusive Pura Vida events and personal, pre-launch introductions to all the new tequila expressions we'll be launching!


The goal of this Indiegogo crowd funding campaign is not only to raise $250,000 toward the purchase of our new distillery but also to let tequila lovers across America know that we exist!

In fact, in order for us to succeed in a national rollout, we're going to need a lot more fans and supporters! We're talking A LOT MORE SUPPORTERS!!!

10 million to be exact!



In English, Pura Vida simply means "Pure Life" and reflects our passion for life and everything that life has to life to the fullest. We take unparalleled care in producing what we believe is the best tasting tequila on the planet.



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