Crowdfunding Spotlight: Mari Winter – Riesling-Mate-Drink – Join the Lama!

September 24, 2015
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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Mari Winter – Riesling-Mate-Drink – Join the Lama!






Mari is a natural invigorating wine cocktail made from German Riesling white wine and Yerba maté. With your support, we want to develop Mari Winter by combining Riesling, Yerba maté and some winterly ingredients which we will share with you as supporter.

The combination of Riesling and Yerba Maté results in a very unique flavor - and makes every party an unforgettable experience.



The best nights begin with a Llama.

Mari is a naturally invigorating wine cocktail. The blend of South American Mate, German Riesling and a shot of syrup creates a truly unique taste. The natural stimulating properties of Mate will ensure that your celebration can continue long into the night.





Mari Holunder is infused with elderflower syrup. Its sweet taste adds to the perfect blend of Riesling and Yerba maté and makes it a perfect refreshing summer cocktail, best served chilled.

Mari Ingwer combines the spicy taste of ginger with Riesling and Yerba maté. It is our aromatic, even slightly spicy counterpart to the Mari Holunder. For whom Mari Holunder is too sweet, here is the answer!



Create Mari Winter together.

We were often asked: when do you guys come up with a winter edition? Well, first we wanted to focus on our summer drink - Mari Holunder. Then we added Mari Ingwer. Now the time is perfect for Mari Winter. During this Crowdfunding campaign, we will experiment with different ingredients to create a truly unique winter taste, perfect when it is cold and chilly outside.

Find yourself a nice warm place, open a bottle of Mari Winter and you can truly relax. For your friends, family and colleagues it is a perfect Christmas present.





The Mari Winter will have a slightly higher alcohol content with 7-9% abv. and you can drink it either cool or hot.



Our rewards for you.


Have a special Mari just for you!

At special prices during the campaign, create your own packages with Mari Holunder, Mari Ginger and Mari Winter!





3 bottles of Mari Winter - Three bottles of the new exclusive Mari Winter at a special price - this set will only be available during our crowdfunding campaign. It is perfect if you want to be the first to taste Mari Winter!

12 bottles with a choice of Mari Holunder and Mari Ingwer - only 25 Early Llama Specials available. Or order 12 bottles of Mari Holunder, Mari Ingwer or Mari Winter.

Organizing a big christmas party? Get our brandnew 5 liter Magnum bottle of Mari Winter.

Do you own a pub, a restaurant or a bar? For the Mari Pub Llama, we will send you48 bottles of any flavor of Mari.

Do you own a wine shop, a grocery store or are you planning a big event? As a reseller, you will receive 684 bottles (1/2 europallet) of any flavor of Mari.



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