Crowdfunding Spotlight: Keap Athletic Shorts: Pockets designed to keep your stuff in

March 15, 2015
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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Keap Athletic Shorts: Pockets designed to keep your stuff in


Introducing Keap - Modern athletic shorts designed to keep your stuff from falling out of your pockets.


The Project

Keap Athletics was born out of necessity. Our team was tired of our favorite companies designing our shorts with pockets that did not do the job.

Every pair of shorts we wore had pockets that were cut with a vertical opening. The problem? You sit down and all your stuff falls to the floor, into the couch or down the crack of your car seat.

We set out to create a remarkably simple solution. We experimented with zippers, velcro and double layered pockets, but none had the ease of access we were looking for. Our solution was simple, change the angle of the pocket. This simple change yields profoundly better results.



The Original Keap Shorts


pic 1


pic 2


pic 3


The heart and soul of the Keap athletic short is its custom designed, horizontally cut pocket. Measuring 11" deep, our pockets do a remarkable job of keeping your belongs safe. No other athletic shorts do a better job of combining security with functionality.

The Keap athletic short is the ultimate modern short for the modern athlete. These shorts are a phenomenally lightweight 100% polyester fabric that is both comfortable and durable.

These shorts have a 10.5" inseam cut that is perfectly tailored for a modern look and feel.

Features a 2" waistband with an extra wide interior drawstring for comfort and have reinforced stitching at the pocket stress points.

Shorts are exclusively available on Kickstarter in Midnight Black, with Diamond White stitching.



Problem & Solution

This is the problem:

Everyone loves athletic shorts. They are comfortable, stylish and functional. BUT we also love our phones. Unfortunately our shorts do not seem to care about our phones quite as much as we do.

Athletic shorts currently on the market do a miserable job of keeping your stuff securely in your pockets. The reason for this is actually quite simple, the vertically cut pockets open in the exact spot your stuff naturally sits.

We set out to create a solution to this problem and are extremely proud of what we've designed for you.


pic 4



This is our solution:

After identifying the root of the problem, we knew the first step was simple, eliminate the vertical opening from the pocket. We then began experimenting with different styles of pockets that opened horizontally.

We eventually ended with a horizontal pocket that sits just under your hip, has a curved design and features an industry leading depth of 11 inches.

As you can see in the GIF below, your phone is now remarkably secure.


pic 5



Using Keap

Keap shorts are great everywhere, but they are REALLY great at the gym. Whether you're laying down on the bench press, running on the treadmill or in cycling class, the Keap shorts will keep your phone in your pocket instead of on the ground.

You no longer need to keep your phone, keys and wallet on the dirty floor under your sweatshirt and pray that nobody starts snooping around your stuff.

Now you can keep your stuff right by your side, safe and secure.



Visit their KickStarter Site


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