Crowdfunding Spotlight: IKKI Sparkling Coffee

February 11, 2014
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Crowdfunding Spotlight: IKKI Sparkling Coffee

Deep in the night sky, the constellation IKKI shimmers mysteriously on the horizon. IKKI's infinitely sparkling pattern of stars was seen by ancient adventurers as a symbol of hope and enchantment. In centuries to come, explorers navigated new frontiers by IKKI's enigmatic light. Said to provide its followers with both the energy and momentum required by their strenuous daily journeys, IKKI's luminous presence has guided countless travelers towards prosperity and good fortune.

IKKI co-founders Brian and Jake dreamed of creating a product that marries premium flavour with a refined aesthetic. Expertly composed using only the purest ingredients, and committed to ethical, responsible manufacturing, IKKI sparkling coffee is a ready-to-drink beverage packaged in a beautifully designed can that fits perfectly into an active, creative lifestyle.

Tastefully IKKI.



Bring IKKI Sparkling Coffee to Life

IKKI is a chilled, canned sparkling beverage with a uniquely refreshing taste and naturally energy boosting properties. With equal importance placed on product quality and aesthetics, IKKI is aimed at premium consumers who lead active, social, and creative lives.

Though limited sparking coffee competitors exist, IKKI breathes new life into the historically European beverage by making it contemporary, easily adaptable, tastefully packaged, and effortlessly cool.

Many speciality coffee drinks contain artificial sweeteners, dairy, loads of sugar and unpronounceable chemicals. IKKI contains pure, unadulterated ingredients with no artificial flavors or sweeteners so you know exactly what you are putting in your body.

Extremely versatile, IKKI may be consumed directly from the can, mixed with milk, ice cream (an IKKI float), or liquor for a delicious IKKI cocktail.

This fundraiser will provide the necessary funds in order to develop IKKI coffee.

The Development of IKKI:
Drink Formulation (the special IKKI recipe and nutritional information)
Co-packer research / manufacturer set-up (finding the best quality sources for IKKI's specific ingredients)
Product Design/Template (can graphics, printing plates)
Limited number of IKKI prototypes
TOTAL COST: $12,500

Once IKKI is developed, Jake and Brian will construct the detailed financial plan for the production, manufacturing, distribution and sales of IKKI. While devising this plan, IKKI founders will consult industry insiders and experts and form a board of advisors. With a completed and accurate financial plan, the founders will work with investors to support the product and bring IKKI to shelves near you.



Company: IKKI
Brand: IKKI
Slogan: Sparkling Coffee
Origin: USA
Category: Ready to Drink Coffee
Packaging: 250ml
Claims: Energy, Ready to Drink
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soom




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