Crowdfunding Spotlight: Hello Hungry – liquid meal for Office People

May 20, 2015 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Crowdfunding Spotlight: Hello Hungry – liquid meal for Office People




Hello office people, you deserve a medal!


Look at yourself: sitting still behind the screen for at least 8 hours a day, locked away in a space without fresh air. All serious, all focused. Afraid to lose your focus for a minute, you surrender to hunger and grab anything that’s at hand. These conditions and this food are far from natural for you, human. Actually, one could even call this a harmful environment.

You deserve a medal, working like that. Or even better - something to help you compensate the lack of vitamin D, eye fatigue, chronic stress and slowing metabolism.


So, let us introduce to you:



It’s an alternative to a chocolate bar or a sandwich you grab when you’re pressed for time.

•A delicious alternative to the usual unhealthy snacks

•Satisfies your hunger

•Provides necessary fibers, proteins, carbs, minerals and vitamins

•Gives additional supplements for your eyes, brain and heart to help negate the damaging effects of long hours spent at the office

•Ready to serve drink, which saves you time


INGREDIENTS: Buckwheat, Omega-3, Green Tea, Fruits and Vegetables, Vitamins and minerals



It’s a non-protein shake that tastes like sugary cocao. We took a different road, trying to create liq-uid food that tastes and feels like proper food.






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