Crowdfunding Spotlight: Handle This Cup! – Keep your beverage temperature(s) regulated while carrying multiples TODAY!

January 14, 2015
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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Handle This Cup! – Keep your beverage temperature(s) regulated while carrying multiples TODAY!



TIRED OF LUKE WARM BEER? It's time for you to GET HANDLED! Keep your beverage temperature(s) regulated while carrying multiples TODAY!


If you love LUKE warm beer, then move along. This ain't your kind of deal.

Our backers are looking for the solution to all the world's problems - related to drinkin' that is. And we've found it. So settle in. We want to reminisce with you for a moment.

Remember during the summer? You were at that festival. Remember? The music, the dancin', the... LUKE... warm... beer. I know, we were there too. The warm beer sucked. So, you were the one tasked with grabbing the icy brews- bummer for you. How exactly you were supposed to carry back three brews, and an iced tea (for the D.D.), without losing half of it was beyond you. Then when you got back to your group, half of the drinks were gone and what was left? You know the drill.... piss....warm.




I KNOW! It drove us nuts too. We just couldn't take it anymore. The difference is, we literally sat there the rest of that festival stewing over a solution.

And we found one. It didn't work at the beginning, but we found the solution. So we tried again, then again.




And again.

Guess what?

By George, we found it! It was a Christmas Miracle!

So, now we've got this amazing product. It's truly amazing.

Believe us, we've been testing, and drinking, and testing, and drinking- it works!

I know what you're asking now... Is this the type of product for me? Hell yes it is!

If you are the 'red-solo cup' kinda fan - yes....

If you are a festival goer - yes....

If you like icy cold brews - yes...




If you hate LUKE warm beer - yes...

If you always lose at 'nose goes' and end up being the beer fetcher – yes…

If you like hot beverages - yes ...

If you like icy cold drinks - yes...




If you are a concert goer - yes...

If you like tail-gating - yes...




If you enjoy sporting events - yes...

If you hang out outside - yes...

If you work in a bar - yes...




If you are in charge of carrying all the drinks - yes...




If you are a HUMAN - yes...

If you can't think of a reason why you don't qualify, grab your beer koozie, your kiddie pool, the 8-track player and get to trimmin' your mullet because you never left the 80's.

Everyone else, FUND US! We need you to be the change you wish to see in the beer drinking world!

Ron and Brian





Risks and challenges

Risks? Eh. We've been there. We've worked out what we believe to be all of the kinks. But we suppose there's always some risks in manufacturing. To produce the tool, we've been given a date of 6-8 weeks and so we've added an additional 4 weeks to allow for any snags and to still fulfill our delivery dates. We estimate our orders will be successfully achieved with a delivery date of the month of May. Handle that!



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