Crowdfunding Spotlight: Feel in the zone with Kalm & ON!

September 18, 2018
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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Feel in the zone with Kalm & ON!



Manage stress AND energy with this patented, proven beverage with a unique combination of five natural herbs.

Here’s The Story
Life can be stressful. It always has been, and it always will be. The challenge is simply how we choose to manage it.

Kalm & ON represents one of the most exciting and innovative breakthroughs in the field of stress AND energy management.

What’s Kalm & ON? It’s a patented blend of natural herbal ingredients combined to help relax stress and anxiety (The ‘KALM') while restoring one’s steady, sustained energy & focus (The ‘ON'). Unlike the ‘spike & crash of caffeine-based energy shots, Kalm & ON has been praised by past customers as delivering its soothing and restorative benefits without any adverse, jittery side effects.

From working moms, to business professionals, to college students, there's a genuine need in the marketplace for a product that can gently provide stress relief along with a sense of calm, functional, focused energy. In fact, a recent USA Today article stated that 63% of workers report "they have high levels of stress... with extreme fatigue and feeling out of control."



Our noticeably effective, fast-acting natural herbal formula was originally developed by a team of Swedish scientists, along with company founder, Ron Sosenko. Over time and many iterations, we perfected our extraction methods and precise blending ratios to develop our patented formula, which we named Koppla, from the Swedish koppla-av, which means "to relax." Using that formula as our base, we then created Kalm & ON.

One of the first questions people ask us is, "Is Kalm & ON an energy drink?" Scientifically speaking Kalm & ON is considered an adaptogenic beverage -- meaning it helps the body adapt to stress by restoring a balanced flow of oxygen and blood throughout the body. The result is a refreshing sense of being both calm and on at the same time -- something no energy drink on the market can do... A better choice of the type of energy we all need.

The quality of our herbal ingredients used is just as important as the actual blend of herbs that make up our formula. Unlike 99% of all herbs harvested for commercial applications that are essentially used for flavors and fragrances, Kalm & ON uses only PREMIUM and SUPERIOR grade herbs, which are cultivated to ensure their maximum therapeutic value. This is in contrast to the 99% of all herbs that are harvested today for commercial purposes that are rated standard or even substandard.




So What Brings Us To Kickstarter?

Through a successful test-market sampling campaign in major retail outlets, we carefully cultivated a dedicated group of consumers who quickly became repeat customers. In fact, many of them were generous enough to tell us how our patented formula helped them get through their stressful days. Knowing we had a product that works consistently, we realized we were ready to move on to the next stage.

Following a successful campaign here, our plan is to focus our efforts on direct online sales via various channels, with brick-and-mortar retail to follow. The $50,000 we’re raising will allow us to fulfill the preorders, while building enough inventory to launch online sales through




Kalm & ON Nutritional Information






Risks and challenges

Possible supply chain issues – While the Kalm & ON products have been produced without incidence in the past, we have a new relationship with the flavor house and other ingredient suppliers. We have done our best to mitigate these risks by adding Skip Rosskam and Phil Parisi to the team as Chairman and Director. Both of these individuals were key players at David Michael Company the flavor supplier that helped Ron commercialize the Kalm & ON formula and as such are uniquely qualified to help us overcome any unforeseen issues that arise.

Ron has tried this before, why is he going to succeed now? – As an entrepreneur and guerrilla marketer he had some success but did not have the team in place to convert that localized success into a real business. Now he does. In addition to adding Skip and Phil to the team he has added Sheldon Roesch an experienced beverage marketer and alumnus of PepsiCo, Charles Albanese a highly qualified CFO and Janet Loeffler whose entrepreneurial experience make her ideally suited to building and running our fulfillment operation. Finally, the growth of the direct to consumer model via the internet and all its channels allows us to protect margins and direct those funds to customer procurement. That effort will be led by True North Brand Group, a team of specialists in all the disciplines necessary to execute the direct to consumer model.

Funding for growth – While we expect our business to grow profitably, growth requires capital. We need to be constantly working on attracting capital and partners who can help us fund that growth while maintaining management control. Most of the management team is  networked with people of financial means who are waiting for evidence of current demand for Kalm & ON to invest. This campaign will help us make that case.





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