Crowdfunding Spotlight: Cofo, Superfood for Your Coffee

October 13, 2017
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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Cofo, Superfood for Your Coffee



With Cofo, your daily coffee ritual just got better. You pick your coffee, we give it a healthy superfood boost.



About this project




Every morning, most of us enjoy a daily coffee ritual. We wake up, brew coffee, and drink to kick-start our day. After coffee, the race gun goes off, and we pack in work, family, and adventures.

We created Cofo to give us a boost for our daily and epic adventures. We then tested Cofo with public emergency responders who wanted heightened brain and body endurance during high-intensity situations.


2-64218ac84d1249cb7606ba9ecb833b8c_original (1)Cofo Superfood is available in a vegan blend and a paleo blend.


The result is Cofo, a superfood boost available in a vegan and a paleo blend that's easy to enjoy in your daily coffee.

To Do Cofo: Just Add to Your Coffee, Stir, Drink, and Enjoy!





Ingredients Matter  

Cofo Superfood is real food from the Earth, nothing synthetic. Superfoods are nutrient-dense foods that contain natural antioxidants.

We've invested time and research to find the highest quality ingredients from sustainable, trusted sources.




Each superfood blend is specially formulated to support overall wellness, promote physical stamina and mental clarity, and help you adapt to modern-day stress.






Like you, we've got busy schedules juggling work, family and life, and we have a bucket list of adventures to achieve. So, we're particular about what we feed our body and brain. Food is fuel.






Want to learn more about the benefits of Cofo ingredients? Read our Ingredients Matter page on our website.

What does cofo taste like? While it does change the taste of your coffee, most people who try it say, “It tastes like coffee!” First, there’re definitely notes of chocolate from the cacao. Although it’s not a “flavor,” there’s a creaminess to it (from the tocos or MCT). Cofo includes medicinal mushrooms, but there’s no mushroom flavor—if anything, the mushrooms add a rich, savory sort of flavor. Maca is described as tasting like butterscotch, caramel, malt, and/or nutlike. Our collagen is completely odorless and flavorless and fully dissolves in liquid.



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