Crowdfunding Spotlight: Chi-Cho Sauce is Taking Over the World

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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Chi-Cho Sauce is Taking Over the World



The best hot sauce you'll ever have.

Chi-Cho Sauce is so much more then the traditional hot sauces on the market today - it enhances your food with a spicy and sweet flavor instead of masking it with an overwhelming heat. Made with only the freshest local ingredients, Chi-Cho Sauce is an artisanal hot sauce that prides itself on being all natural, low sodium and gluten free. Hand crafted in small batches, every bottle of Chi-Cho Sauce is individually stamped with the creation date and batch number.



Each bottle is individually stamped with a batch number and born on date



Chi-Cho Sauce was created by three friends from New York who were tired of the usual hot sauces. After realizing that what we were looking for wasn't on the market, we decided to create our own. After two years of late nights and hours spent cooking, we've developed the perfect recipe.

As a start up without a substantial marketing budget, we feel the most economical way to build a customer base is through hand to hand contact, i.e. fairs, sampling opportunities and seasonal markets. We have been very active in promoting Chi-Cho Sauce around the NYC metro area and have introduced many local chefs and restaurants to the product. This summer saw our first wholesale clients including local bars and restaurants, who have already placed follow-up orders.

After receiving great feedback from everyone who has tried it, we realized that it was time to take this to the next level.  We need you to help us get Chi-Cho Sauce on the shelves at your local grocery stores and on the tables of your neighborhood restaurants.



An excited customer at LIC FLEA & FOOD



This summer we debuted Chi-Cho Sauce at the largest market in Queens and have seen an extremely positive response from consumers.  We've sold out each week and need to ensure that we also have enough bottles for the remaining markets this summer, online purchase orders and additional sampling demos.  We have rented a commercial kitchen to cook Chi-Cho Sauce and will operate off of a weekly cooking schedule that will increase upon demand.  To do this, we need the capital to buy our raw goods in bulk.



The Chi-Cho Sauce stand at LIC FLEA & FOOD



Your funding will go to:

Manufacturing costs: purchasing fresh ingredients, labels, bottles, safety bottle caps, protection bands
Operating costs: rent on a commercial kitchen, increased liability insurance, equipment (pots, pans, etc)
Distribution costs: shipping, storage and packaging
Marketing costs: entry into local farmer's markets, purchasing ad space on targeted websites and various branded items to use during in-store demonstrations





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