Crowdfunding Spotlight: Brew Candles: Beer-Inspired Aromatics!

October 10, 2014
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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Brew Candles: Beer-Inspired Aromatics!

Beer-inspired soy wax candles in three amazing scents! Apricot Wheat, Vanilla Porter, and Hoppy IPA.

Why Brew Candles?

We think everything goes better with beer. And truthfully, we were just looking for another excuse to add it to our daily routine. Craft beer is so much more than just beer; it's a sensory experience. The high quality ingredients, the aroma, the taste, the mouthfeel. We took inspiration from a few of our favorite craft beer styles to develop some high-quality, hand-poured soy wax candles that are turning out way better than we could have ever imagined.

Another acceptable answer: Why not?



Will they smell like stale beer?

Nope! That's been done before. We think filing your house with the smell of cheesy stale beer is pretty disgusting. Instead, we focused on amping up the most desirable aromas of our favorite craft beer styles to create these amazing scents:

Apricot Wheat: The lightest and fruitiest of the three, this candle gives off notes of apricot, sweet grain, and spice. The wax will be a pale amber color.

Vanilla Porter: The darkest of our three candles, Vanilla Porter smells like warm vanilla, brown sugar, and blackberry. The wax will be a dark ruby brown color.

Hoppy IPA: Herbal, spicy, and earthy notes give fans of IPA's and Pale Ales exactly what they're looking for. The wax will be a medium amber color.
What will you use the money for?



Since we already have the recipes and designs prepared, we'll use the money for:

1) Ingredients. Candles don't just appear from thin air. They're made of amazing things like high-quality wax, lead-free wicks, and beer-inspired fragrances!

2) Labels. We want you to know what that awesome wax-filled jar thing sitting in front of you is. So we're putting labels on them.

3) Packaging. Once the candles are poured and labeled, we'll put them in a nifty custom retail box that keeps them fresh and dust-free. Once they're in this box, they'll go into at least one (and sometimes two) more boxes to keep them safe for shipping. Each of these boxes has to be custom-designed to accommodate candles.
What's in it for me?

Check out the rewards on the right side of this page! No matter what you contribute, you get something awesome like Brew Candles or Beer Soap in exchange. More information about the reward products can be found on our website:





What am I supporting?

Among other things, you are supporting:

Young entrepreneurs and small business (hey, that's good for the economy!)
100% American-made goods (what a wonderful country)
Fair wages (we pay good people good money to make good stuff)
Creativity and small-scale production
Craft beer culture (mmm beer!)





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