Crowdfunding Campaign: Free is Better Water Truck!

July 23, 2014
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Crowdfunding Campaign: Free is Better Water Truck!



Free Is Better is the first free, locally distributed bottled water on Earth, ever. The Australian bottled water industry is growing at exponential rates, somewhat driven from an exasperated desire for profits. But as consumers we’re suffering. We pay excessive amounts of money for a widely available commodity, merely because it is bottled and convenient. Well we think that’s crazy! So we started a movement to make conveniently packaged drinking water free, for everyone.





We hand out thousands of bottles through our distribution partners around Australia’s trendsetting hotspots so you can simply pick one up when you’re out. From fashion and boutique retailers, to record stores, galleries and cafes, we’ve got you covered. If you'd like your fave store to get around Free Is Better - let us know and we'll do what we can to make it happen! Each edition of ur bottle labels have exclusive messages from our sponsor brands that speak to you. This advertising on our labels help alleviate the cost of the bottles ensuring that you receive them for free, every time!




The idea of Free Is Better spurned from three guys (Hwi So, Caleb Ha and Alex Chen) who were just sick of getting ripped off for choosing the best option to satisfy their thirst. Now, there are 21 of us that fill the (very) cosy Free Is Better office. We're all young and most of us are still studying at uni while also keeping our day jobs! We're so incredibly proud of how far we've come already and are now looking for people like you to get on board too and help us reach that next level where we can be giving away more and more water for free!





How the funds will be used
We hope to raise $25,000 to purchase a refrigerated truck. This way, we will be able to deliver more water, more efficiently and widen our distribution network! At the moment, we're filling up a fleet of sedans with water and traveling in convoy to get our water out to you guys. Wouldn't it be amazing to look more legit than this!






Any BONUS cash we raise will go straight in to pimping out the truck and making it stand out on the roads, as well as other less exciting, but necessary things like petrol, registration and trollies so our Free Is Better street team don't break their backs!

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