Company Spotlight: YoBul Bulgarian Yogurt

July 8, 2015
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Company Spotlight: YoBul Bulgarian Yogurt



Our Yogurt Starts With a Passion For Purity!


Yo Bul! Yogurts offer a variety of flavors to suit any taste! Our premium "Plain" Yogurt is made from 100% Sheep's milk and our "Flavored Selection" is comprised of a perfect blend of sheep's and cow's milk. Try any of our fantastic products and find out why in blind taste tests, so many fall in love at the drop of a spoon!



About YoBul!

The idea was born on a recent family vacation back to Bulgaria. My Fiance', Daughter and I would have homemade Sheep's Milk Yogurt, topped with raw Acacai Honey and Walnuts.  My Daughter and Fiance' were instantly hooked!

They asked... "Why can't we have this in the US?"

After returning home, I decided to begin the "YoBul!" project.

In addition to the 100% pure sheep's milk yogurt, I've developed a blend of 50/50 sheep's milk and cow's milk yogurt in very interesting and exciting flavors. Sweetened ONLY with 100% Stevia leaf extract with no effect on blood sugar.



Company: Balkan Treasures inc.
Brand: YoBul!
Slogan: No Bull.... it's YoBul!
Origin: USA / Bulgaria
Category: Yogurt
Claims: 100% Pure
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Coming Soon








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