Company Spotlight: WellWell

December 6, 2019
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Company Spotlight: WellWell



What’s WellWell?

In the world of sports drinks and wellness beverages, it’s hard to find options that are both free of artificial ingredients and supported by scientific research. However, the founders of WellWell wanted to create drinks rooted in science that taste work and taste great. Frustrated by the pseudoscience being pimped in the wellness world, they worked hard to create products that they actually wanted to use that were also made with natural ingredients combined in recipes based on science. WellWell’s drinks weren’t created in a lab, but their effectiveness was proven in one. Because WellWell’s founders love science and hate sugar water. WellWell believes in real, wholesome food, and the power of great ingredients. WellWell makes functional beverages that function. If it’s in a WellWell bottle, it’s proven to do what it says.


What makes WellWell actually functional compared to other brands?

We feel that feeding you marketing BS without a solid product is a bit unethical, and quite frankly, there's enough of that already going around. We use real doses of the functional ingredients and we tell you what those doses are on the actual bottle. Nothing to hide here. Also, our company was co-founded by a medical doctor, so we're not just making shit up.


Does WellWell use any fake sugars like stevia or erythritol?
Nope. All of our drinks are 3-4g of either organic cane sugar or organic golden coconut sugar. Recover (Watermelon + Tart Cherry) has no added sugar at all.








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