Company Spotlight: VitaCup – NEW Vitamin Coffee & Tea

May 1, 2017
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Company Spotlight: VitaCup – NEW Vitamin Coffee & Tea



Take Your Essential Vitamins
In a Tastier Way.

VitaCup is charged with the essential vitamins you need to be productive by supporting your metabolism and boosting your energy levels: B1, B5. B6. B12, folic acid, D3, and antioxidants.

VitaCup infused flavor pods of French Vanilla, French Roast or Green Tea were created to ensure you have the nutrients and energy your body needs.



Sourced For
A Better World.

You can feel good about what you're putting in your body and what you're putting back into the planet. The coffee is sourced from fair-trade certified growers in South America.

The single serving coffee pods are BPA free, eco-friendly, and fully recyclable.



Finally, Healthy Coffee in K-Cup® Form

A healthy coffee alternative to energy drinks? Yes! VitaCup packs each Keurig® compatible coffee pod with our signature vitamin blend. Our recyclable K-cup® style pods are easy to use and reduce clutter. Our coffee with a kick is also one of the healthiest coffees you can drink! Break up with your energy drink, VitaCup will treat you right.










About the Company

VitaCup has a mission to create a Brew for a Better You.

Every day you wake up ready to be your best self. To conquer the world. To take on new challenges and emerge victorious. Just as soon as you’ve had your cup of coffee.

But some days you just don’t feel your best. You’re still sluggish, emotional, forgetful, irritable. You don’t bounce back. You have trouble sleeping. You can’t lose those last few pounds. You seem to catch a cold frequently.

Sluggish, emotional, forgetful, irritable, trouble sleeping, can’t lose pounds, catch colds frequently? There might be a reason your energy, mood and health are sagging. You might be vitamin deficient. Read More


Company: VitaCup
Brand: VitaCup
Slogan: A Brew For a Better You
Origin: USA
Category: Coffee & Tea
Claims: Non-GMO, Gluten & Soy Free. Free of sugar and carb free
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Buy Online





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