Company Spotlight: Tudor Ice Company

October 20, 2015
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Company Spotlight: Tudor Ice Company



Enjoying expertly crafted ice has never been so easy. Simply freeze and serve. Tudor Ice’s unique patent-pending products feature a plastic container filled with water, that when frozen, produces slow melting large-format ice. Made with ultra-purified water, the ice imparts no taste or smell into the cocktail while the single use container prevents any chance of human contamination.


Tudor Ice is is expertly crafted to be free from impurities and dissolved gasses. Made with steam-purified and deaerated water, the ice imparts no taste or smell to the drink. This guarantees purity from source to glass...elevating any beverage experience.


Due to its unique size, shape and density, Tudor Ice melts significantly slower than traditional cubes. This provides the perfect amount of chill and dilution, allowing you to enjoy an enhanced drink experience that remains consistent from your first sip to the last.


The Tudor Ice packages are perfectly engineered to be safe. With their single-use design and hands-free serving method, the product is able to substantially reduce the chances for contamination.



Tudor Ice Block (24 Pack) COMING SOON!


Easy to use – just freeze and serve. Remove the hassle and mess of having to fill ice molds. The perfect complement to any fruit cocktail, Negroni, whiskey or any other cocktail that is normally stirred. Engineered to fit most rocks/whiskey glasses.

Cube Dimensions: 1.8"



Tudor Ice Collins Spear (24 Pack) COMING SOON!


Easy to use – just freeze and serve. Remove the hassle and mess of having to fill ice molds. Goes well with any refreshing or effervescent beverage served in a Tom Collins glass. Ideal for summer time or sparkling cocktails that are shaken or spritzed.

Collins Spear Dimensions: 1.4” x 5” x 1.4”




Company: Tudor Ice Company
Brand: Tudor Ice
Origin: USA
Category: Ice
Claims: Pure, efficient, clean
Variants: Tudor Ice Block, Tudor Ice Collins Spear
Price: $24.99 (24 Pack)
Where to Buy: Direct on website, Store Locator







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