Company Spotlight: Tolerant Foods Organic Legume Pasta

December 22, 2014
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Company Spotlight: Tolerant Foods Organic Legume Pasta


TOLERANT, the Gluten Free, Organic, Non-GMO Legume Pasta !

TOLERANT offers a revolutionary, single ingredient product line that tastes incredible, has up to 400% more protein per equal serving than any other competing product and is sure to satisfy all people suffering from Celiac, Diabetes, and the top 8 food allergens.

If you’re fed up with pasta wannabes, well look no further TOLERANT is here and it will amaze and astound the world with its incredible gluten-free texture and taste.

TOLERANT Pasta Shaped Legumes is not pasta but it certainly could fool the best Italian pasta connoisseur out there!


Are you wondering what Legumes are?
Legumes are known as the magical fruit and they come in various forms such as beans, lentils, peas and garbanzos. And we, at TOLERANT have created a unique “one of a kind” organic, non-GMO product from these incredibly magical powerful little pods.

But wait there's more to TOLERANT...

Every cup of TOLERANT legumes equals a cup of veggies. Are your kids not eating their greens, are you always fighting with them, do they simply want to eat macaroni and cheese, well substitute the mac with our Red Lentil Rotini and “voila” a cup of veggies and the kids don’t know the difference. And besides giving them their veggies, their new “Mac Deal” meal is the equivalent in protein to one 6oz piece of meat or chicken.

At TOLERANT, we are crazy about Legumes for all their health benefits and it’s Gluten-Free! And you know what? It just tastes great!

TOLERANT bringing health and wellness to mankind one being (bean) at a time ; )




TOLERANT Product List

The TOLERANT product line is made with 2 types of Legumes, Organic, Non-GMO Red Lentil and Black Bean and come in 3 great pasta shapes - Mini-Fettuccine, Penne and Rotini.

Our Boxes weighs 120z and can serve a family of four. The TOLERANT Legume is prepared the same way we would prepare pasta but it can also be prepared the Raw way by soaking the product for up to 2 hours in lukewarm water.

TOLERANT is not only for those suffering from gluten intolerance. It is a POWERHOUSE meal for the extreme sports enthusiast with 22 grams of protein and whopping grams of fiber per 3 ounce serving and also a super meal plan for those suffering from Heart & Stroke. The list is endless. Diabetics can consume a wonderful bowl or two of our delicious Legume pasta shapes without worrying about blood sugar spikes caused by traditional wheat pasta or rice and the Vegans can enjoy a change up over the old Tofu, Tempeh, and Rice standards.


So How Does Tolerant Fit Into Your Life?

At TOLERANT, we are crazy about Legumes for all their health benefits. Our rotini, penne and mini-fettuccine are loaded with PROTEIN, essential vitamins, and it’s Gluten-Free! And you know what? It just tastes great!

TOLERANT bringing health and wellness to mankind one (bean) at a time 😉




About the Founder
Hello my name is Tom Friedmann, as a "FOODIE", my wife Ellie and I have always been on the lookout for healthy, new innovative ways to eat. Since my retirement, I’ve been looking for something in the food business to occupy my time, as well help mankind survive old age by eating healthy and disease free. Read More



Company: Tolerant Foods
Brand:  Tolerant Foods
Slogan: Friendly Foods
Origin: USA
Category: Pasta
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Claims: Organic, Non GMO, Gluten Free
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