Company Spotlight: The Mahabis Brand

September 13, 2016
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Company Spotlight: The Mahabis Brand



pride in innovation

we pride ourselves on innovation. searching for perfection in the everyday. we have a strong belief that it can be the smallest, most trivial of details, that can alter a mundane experience into a treasured one.




steeped in heritage

a deep respect for heritage and a love for the new. our design sensibilities derive from a universal aesthetic, steeped in heritage. when you use our products, you experience something timeless.




beauty in simplicity

all our products are simple, functional, but strive for a simple universal aesthetic. endless reduction till we find something that no longer needs the complexity of explanation.




timeless freedom

more than anything we stand for the importance of turning down. whilst other may strive for achievement, our products help you, be you, when everything else is removed.




About mahabis

mahabis have taken on the task of bringing slippers into the 21st century.

Fusing together Scandinavian minimalism and heritage design from Berber tribes fused with the latest footwear technology from across Europe, our creations bring perfection into everyday life. The mundane and trivial nature of the modern slipper is stripped away by mahabis, to create a slipper that is lightweight, provides maximum comfort and a minimalist design.

More than just a quest for comfort, at mahabis we believe that downtime, simple sophistication and culturally rooted progressiveness should be at heart of all that we see, hear and do. This ethos is expressed through our support of new music, lifestyles and visuals from across the globe.

We're here for your everyday adventures. Whatever they may be. Read More



Company: mahabis ltd.
Brand: mahabis
Slogan: the essence of chill
Origin: UK
Category: slipper
Claims: designed for warmth and comfort
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Buy Online





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