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The Way to a Better Beard

Maybe no one told you the secret of a good beard. The kind admired by others and cherished by their owners. But whether you’ve been growing for weeks or years, our products can help bring out the best in your whiskers.

If your beard is straggly, we can thicken it, if it’s itchy we can soften it, and if it’s dry or inelegant we can turn it into a luxurious and manageable beast. Run a comb through your whiskers with a few drops of our oil. Condition and shape it with beard balm. Hold it firm with mustache wax. Keep it in check with the occasional trim. You’ll soon have a beard that’s fragrant, healthy, appealing and stylish, tamed but commanding and powerful.

All our oils are blends of high quality carrier and essential oils, that work not only by nourishing your beard, but also by preventing the dryness, itch, and dandruff that can come from the hairs wicking away the skin’s natural protection. A regular oiling thus protects your beard and skin, ensuring you’ll always look and feel fantastic.

Dissatisfied with confusing array of mass produced oils of dubious provenance on the market, The Beard Way offers only four different kinds, each made with high quality ingredients, and each with its own distinct qualities.




Wooden Age


This oil offers a rich forested scent, pitched somewhere between a lumberyard and carpenter’s workshop. A confident, quietly masculine and broadly appealing oil, and one that we’ve found is strangely relaxing.


Old Classic



The key ingredient is hemp seed oil, rich in minerals and vitamins A and E, and thus a very effective moisturizer that’s recommended for those with dryer whiskers and prone to itching. It is also works to encourage beard growth.



Citrus Gent


Citrus oil is known for its stimulating yet stress-reducing properties, boosting positive moods and increasing concentration. In addition to smelling great, it’ll also improve your skin tone.



Liquid Fire


This blend contains black pepper and ginger essential oils, and is both energizing and warming, with a comforting feel. Along with your senses, both oils will stimulate your follicles and make your beard grow faster.



Company: The Beard Way
Brand: The Beard Way
Origin: Slovenia
Category: Beard Care
Claims: 100% natural ingredients. Rich in vitamins.
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Buy Online









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