Company Spotlight: Tender Belly Pork Products

December 17, 2015
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Company Spotlight: Tender Belly Pork Products



Entrepreneurial fires burned in both Erik and Shannon, along with a broad set of professional skills and most importantly, a love for good, pure, clean food and making the simple things extraordinary.

In 2010 they joined forces and started Tender Belly. An immediate hit, the lure of tasty bacon and other outstanding pork products was too good for chefs to pass up.

Now Erik and Shannon would like to offer a taste of Tender Belly to individuals like you, our fellow pork lovers.



Why buy tender belly?

Because we understand that anything good takes time and commitment. Fine pork can only make its way to your table after the utmost care and devotion to the well-being of the animal. The animals live a stress-free life with plenty of open space to roam and exercise. This freedom promotes exquisite intramuscular marbling you can’t achieve any other way.

We also understand that the choice of diet influences the taste of what ends up on your plate; that is why they’re fed an all-natural 100% vegetarian diet.

Dedication to all these aspects is why tender belly pork products are the finest and most mouthwatering on the market.



Company: Tender Belly
Brand: Tender Belly
Slogan: Great Bacon is Our Business
Origin: USA
Category: Pork Products
Claims: all-natural 100% vegetarian diet porks
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Buy Online



Brother Shannon, left, and Erik Duffy, with the Berkshire hogs that will become Tender Belly Bacon. (Photo courtesy of Tender Belly Bacon)







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