Company Spotlight: Pressels Dream Pretzels

May 31, 2016
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Company Spotlight: Pressels Dream Pretzels



When hot oven passion meets great vision texture, a Dream Pretzel is born.



Experience our unique Pressels flavours and their distinctive cruuuuuunch.





Our New York deli style PRESSELS are coated with garlic, black caraway, sesame and onion.



Coated with the finest Sesame Seeds from Guharat India, these PRESSELS are dlicious.



Bursting with crispness and coated with sea salt granules to create a great taste.



Pressed Pretzels

We press the flavor to make our PRESSELS perfectly thin and crissspy.



Enjoy eating our baked PRESSELS while knowing that they have up to 80% less fat than regular potato chips.


  • No food colors
  • No cholesterol
  • No preservatives
  • No MSG
  • No artificial flavors
  • 0 grams of trans fat


All Natural ingredients for a healthy and guilt free snack.



Stay tuned for more details from Dream Pretzels and their exciting range of snacks!

Visit their website here.



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