Company Spotlight: Nuva Drinks

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Company Spotlight: Nuva Drinks



Natural spring water with a kiss of great tasting extracts and flavours

Nuva - is a new concept for water drinks in the UK. Created to bridge the gap between plain and flavoured water, our philosophy is simple - provide a natural product for people who want better hydration, but without the sugar, sweeteners, preservatives and calories that often come with soft drinks.

Through a blend of natural spring water and a kiss of natural extracts and flavours, Nuva has created three incredible drinks - Cucumber & Mint, Ginger & Lemon and Melon & Jasmine - that taste great and come with no hidden ‘nasties’.



The Nuva Story

Nuva is the innovation of Gemma Pond and Christine Renier, who created the business through a desire to offer people better choices.

With a strong interest in yoga, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle, Gemma was shocked to discover the amount of sugar, artificial sweeteners and preservatives that go into soft drinks.  Even healthier options such as reduced sugar drinks can contain the equivalent of five sugar cubes in a small half-litre bottle. She wanted to do something different and took on the challenge of creating a truly healthy and refreshing alternative - a completely natural drink which would encourage people to drink more water and stay hydrated. Read More



Company: Nuva
Brand: Nuva
Slogan: love your core
Origin: UK
Category: flavoured water drinks
Claims: No sugar, sweeteners, preservatives and calories
Variants: Cucumber & Mint, Ginger & Lemon and Melon & Jasmine
Where to Buy: Coming Soon