Company Spotlight: Mg Mivela mineral water

July 28, 2016
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Company Spotlight: Mg Mivela mineral water



Your daily requirement!

The main benefit of Mg Mivela is high presence of magnesium


The natural Mg Mivela spring is situated in the area of Veluće village near Trstenik. Nature has endowed Veluće village with a spring of mineral water which, by its quality and composition, exceeds world standards.

First hydro-geological explorations in this region date from the beginning of the 20th century, when underground springs of medicinal water were discovered.

Prof. Marko Leko, PhD, the first president and founder of Serbian Chemical Society, established in 1897, performed the first chemical analysis of the mineral water from the Veluće spring in 1901, finding 352 mg/1 of MgO.

The factory, which has been in operation since 1985, is situated right next to the forest only 800m from the water spring. The environment is beautiful, unspoiled nature, away from inhabited areas.

By the end of the 1980s, Prof. dr Tomislav Jovanović from the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, showed and proved through his investigations the biological role and salutary effects of Mg++ and Mg Mivela water on human health.





Magnesium is one of the most important intracellular minerals. Over 300 vital cell reactions are directly dependent on the presence and quantity of this mineral.

Mg Mivela is characterized by high level of soluble magnesium. Namely, Mg Mivela contains 343 mg of magnesium per liter. Comparative analyses have shown that Mg Mivela contains adequate ratios and quantities of elements such as magnesium, calcium and sodium. The high level of Mg ++ classifies it as the type of water that is recommended for daily use. Based on the beneficial effects that magnesium has on the human body, Mg Mivela, mineral water may be classified among waters with additional benefits that improve health.

1 liter of Mg Mivela mineral water satisfies the daily need for magnesium. As a result of the decreasing presence of magnesium in food and drinking water, the human population is already significantly compromised due to a lack of magnesium in the body. Mineral water Mg Mivela with its 343 mg of magnesium per liter is recommended for people of all ages, with no limiting factors.





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