Company Spotlight: Lorenz Agave Spirits – El Jolgorio Mezcal

April 6, 2015
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Company Spotlight: Lorenz Agave Spirits – El Jolgorio Mezcal



Traditional, artisanal mezcal forms an important part of rituals, ceremonies and festivities - known as "Jolgorios" - in villages in our native homeland of Oaxaca, México. Our nine unique El Jolgorio Mezcals are made exclusively from different species and varieties of wild-harvested agave by Master Distillers in local indigenous Zapotec villages in Oaxaca, and are twice distilled in copper pot stills. On every bottle is inscribed the species of agave, the age at harvest, the village of production, the name of the Master Distiller, and the batch and lot number so as to truly transport and connect the drinker with the land, people, and plants at the heart and soul of our mezcal. Salud y Dixebe!

Lorenz Agave Spirits has specialized in sourcing top ultra-premium, most renowned, and best value-for-price tequilas, mezcals, and other agave spirits out of a passion for the culture of Mexico, fine cuisine and beverage, and the cultural history (and even botany!) of agave. Our goal since our founding in 2010 has been to import the best of every type of agave spirit that Mexico produces, and to represent them with the aficionado's passion and intellectual curiosity. Perhaps years from now, we'll seek to start our own spirits brand - but make no mistake, we have no intention of doing such a thing prematurely. The truth is, we're too busy enjoying the heck out of the learning process! Our continuing quest for new knowledge, new products, and new cultural experiences will continue to lead us to select only the best tequila, mezcal, and other spirits at all price points - those that we can truly be proud to import, promote, and educate imbibers about.



Company: Lorenz Agave Spirits
Brand: Lorenz Agave Spirits
Origin: Canada / México
Category: Spirits
Packaging: 750 mL glass bottle
Claims: Traditional, Ultra-premium
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Coming Soon

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