Company Spotlight: Liovi Probiotic Drink

October 6, 2016
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Company Spotlight: Liovi Probiotic Drink



Feel the Difference.
2 ounces – preferably 1 cup a day. Less than 3 weeks.
New cartons. Get 12% more for the same price! Live better with a joyful tummy™

Liovi™  Probiotic Drink  is a drinkable yogurt that comes in two flavors: Plain and Vanilla.  Both are made with organic California milk from cows raised on organic farm pastures in the West Coast. Both contain the patented (US #7,901,925), non-genetically modified organism (non-GMO) probiotic  Lactobacillus bulgaricus B-30892™ strain for promoting a healthy intestinal balance.  The B-30892™ strain is not just added, but actually makes the yogurt.  We ferment the yogurt for a long time so that the B-30892™ strain can take its time to secrete its beneficial chemistries.

Both flavors are also lactose reduced so that lactose intolerant people can consume Liovi™ Probiotic Drink.

The two flavors are quite different. The Vanilla has a mildly sweet vanilla flavor. Most people say that the Vanilla tastes like a dessert. The Plain is unsweetened and is tart like a buttermilk. Many people say that the Plain reminds them of yogurt they have tasted in Europe, Latin America, Asia, or other regions.

LioviTM  Probiotic Drink is currently available in retail markets in the San Francisco Bay Area and we ship via FedEx Ground on the West Coast or FedEx 2-day air.  Buy now at our web store.  Until further notice, we are offering promotional free shipping within California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington.  We have adjusted down our shipping and handling costs for the rest of the USA, similar to the West Coast states.

Life is better when you have a happy belly™


What makes the B-30892™ strain different than other probiotics?

Microbiome Control™ Nutrition to Support Gastrointestinal Health and for People Concerned about Unpredictable Bowel Habits

You can easily do the following two things to find the documentation that explain why the B-30892™ strain is different from other probiotics:

  • Google “B-30892” and the first search result link will take you to the National Institute of Health (NIH) website where you can see there is a research paper written by a Professor of Food Microbiology from Purdue University and an Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology from Indiana University School of Medicine that describes the method of action of the B-30892TM strain.
  • Google the patent at “” and type or copy/paste the following number into the search field, “7,901,925”, and you can read the patent which describes why the B-30892TM strain is very significant.

Because of the extraordinary results described in these publications, we formulated Liovi™  Probiotic Drink with the B-30892™ strain for people who are concerned about digestive issues and are interested in probiotics.  People are also beginning to post their testimonials regarding Liovi™  Probiotic Drink on YouTube and other sites on the web.


B-30892™ Probiotic Drink

  • Vanilla flavor contains real vanilla extract
  • Vanilla and Plain taste great when blended with fruit or other flavorings or even when poured over cereal
  • Plain can be used to make other foods such as salad dressing
  • For supplemental or sole-source nutrition (especially as a breakfast meal replacement.
  • Lactose reduced – Safe for people with lactose intolerance. Not for use by individuals with a true milk (casein) allergy.


Storage Life

  • Frozen: 7 months
  • Thawed unopened: 30 days at 32-40 deg. F
  • After opening: 7 days



  • Daily serving size: one to three 2-8 fl. oz. servings per day
  • Number of servings per half-pint carton: 1-4


About the B-30892TM Probiotic Drink

Our probiotic drink is based upon our powerful, patented, and beneficial probiotic B-30892TM  strain, that supports GI tract health.

We are focused on helping you tune your life.



The B-30892TM strain was discovered by Dr. Gregory Bojrab a practicing internist, when he was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal condition that did not respond to  standard treatment.  In order to find a solution, Dr. Bojrab researched the cause of his condition and found that researchers were publishing journal articles that stated an abnormal mixture of gastrointestinal bacteria played a role in the condition.  Dr. Bojrab reasoned that his condition could be supported by a probiotic that  altered bowel flora, if the right strain(s) were found.

He tried to support his condition with commercially available yogurts but none proved to be effective.  Through his research, Dr. Bojrab identified and isolated a safe, non-GMO strain of bacteria, B-30892TM, and developed a drinkable yogurt that helped support his health for over a decade.  Through his experience at his practice, research at the Indiana University, unpublished clinical trials, and observational studies, he has seen results.

Because of Dr. Bojrab’s personal success as well as the favorable observations, he patented the B-30892TM strain.



Company: Liovi
Brand: Liovi
Slogan: For a Happy Belly!
Origin: USA
Category: Probiotic Drink
Packaging: 8 fl oz (240 ml)
Claims: Lactose Reduced. Reduced Fat
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $119.00 (Case of 27)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator








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