Company Spotlight: HERO Smart Appliance Pill Dispenser

January 6, 2017
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Company Spotlight: HERO Smart Appliance Pill Dispenser



Hello pills,
meet technology.


HERO is a smart appliance that stores, dispenses, and manages pills for you and your loved ones.


Simple pill dispensing.

Say goodbye to child-proof caps and chunky pill planners. HERO knows your schedule so you can retrieve your vitamins and medicine effortlessly.



Peace of mind like never before.

Never forget your pills again. And with the HERO App, you can make sure your loved ones are on track too.



Any size. Any shape.

No matter what kind of pills you have, from Aspirin to Zinc, HERO can handle it all.


Load it and forget it.

HERO can hold over a month’s supply of ten different pills. Now all of your medicine will be in one smart, secure location.


Safe from your little adventurer.

HERO is locked and password protected so your pills will never end up where they shouldn’t.




Let’s make people healthier by making medicine smarter.

Free shipping. 30-day money-back guarantee. 40% off for a limited time.
What are you waiting for?


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