Company Spotlight: Get Hot Tequila

July 13, 2017
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Company Spotlight: Get Hot Tequila



Get Hot Tequila is a premium Tequila Reposado beautifully infused with Habanero. It starts off hot and finishes very smooth with elegant brown sugar notes found only in premium, aged tequila.

Distilled and Bottled in the Highlands of Jalisco, Get Hot Tequila uses 100% Blue Agave to double-distill its tequila and then ages the golden liquid in oak barrels until it captures the unmistakable quality of a fine Reposado. Only then is natural Habanero infused to create Get Hot Tequila.

Drink it neat and leave the lime and salt to those other brands. Mix it in a Margarita and add spice to your life. See our Recipes page for more ideas.

One taste and you'll never drink anything else.

Be Cool, Get Hot.

Breaking News: Get Hot Tequila featured in article.  Ask your local BevMo store for ordering!

Get Hot Tequila wins second Silver Medal and is highest rated Infused Tequila....ever! 



It was winter and I was driving south. I wanted to get to a beach, and where I live, you go south for warmer weather. The sun was high and I was thirsty for something other than water. I spotted a joint that would probably do the trick. The cantina stood next to a giant cactus that was probably a thousand years old. I figured the adobe bricks could’ve been that age, too. The locals didn’t seem to mind a gringo's presence as I bellied up at the bar. “Want to Get Hot, señor?” the purveyor asked me. “Sure,” I said, and he slid a golden Reposado my way. I took it back and was struck by the spicy heat of a tequila that started bold but faded just as fast. No lime or salt needed here, I thought. That drink has lived with me ever since.

Hand-made in the Highlands of Jalisco from a historic distillery that bottled its first tequila in 1911. This is my contribution to fine living.



Company: Get Hot Tequila
Brand: Get Hot Tequila
Slogan: Be Cool, Get Hot.
Origin: Mexico / USA
Category: Tequila
Packaging: 750 ml
ABV: 40%
Claims: 100% Pure Agave. Hand-made.
Where to Buy: Retailers









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