Company Spotlight: Foodie Fuel

August 16, 2016
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Company Spotlight: Foodie Fuel



A unique power-packed snack you can depend on to sustain your energy levels between meals. Why Just Snack When You Can Fuel!

Delicious straight out of the bag or in a bowl with your favorite milk or yogurt! Foodie Fuel's artfully crafted FUEL SNACKS are made from Mother Nature's cleanest and most nutrient-rich ingredients for a delicious, guilt-free, low-calorie treat.



The story of Foodie Fuel is the story of two friends, born on the same day, 188 miles apart. Chris and Eloise grew up in the rural heartland of America, raised on farm-fresh food produced by friends and neighbors.

When the time came to raise their own families, it was only natural that Chris and Eloise would return to the same tradition of nutrition that served them so well in their own childhoods. Good dietary habits are established early in life, and it’s Foodie Fuel’s mission to support you in bringing the highest quality food to your table.

Foodie Fuel is a truly guilt-free, grab-n-go snack, loaded with carefully selected ingredients that provide steady, sustained energy—whether you’re exercising, studying, working, or just hungry and need a quick, healthy pickup.



At Foodie Fuel we know the ingredients that go into your body are just as important as the taste. We use high quality, organic ingredients with naturally occurring: pre-botic fiber, detoxifying anti-oxidants, essential vitamins and alkaline minerals. Click here for more details about the beneficial qualities of our wholesome ingredients.



Company: Foodie Fuel
Brand: Foodie Fuel
Slogan: Why Just Snack When You Can Fuel!
Origin: USA
Category: Snacks
Packaging: 4oz (113g)
Claims: Organic. Gluten Free. Non-GMO. PALEO friendly
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $ 5.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator






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