Company Spotlight: Euro Bubblies Efferve Sparkling Lemonades

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Company Spotlight: Euro Bubblies Efferve Sparkling Lemonades



You don't need to be an historian to appreciate “Alsace”'s rich heritage. Many events, sometimes happy and sometimes tragic, have shaped the culture of this beautiful region with its distinctive identity. While “Alsace” has a long wine-making and beer-brewing tradition, mineral water is also very important to the region. Mineral water springs, most of which are located in the “Vosges” foothills, have always offered high-quality pure water, well known and appreciated by the Romans and nowadays very popular in France and exported well beyond the region. The “EFFERVE” All Natural Traditional Sparkling Lemonades are made using this extremely pure spring water. “EFFERVE” artisan making process comes straight from the French tradition of Quality and Prestige. The very essence of our “EFFERVE” Lemonades is in the syrup which is made secretly by the “limonadier”.

Three simple key ingredients: lemon natural juices and aromas, sugar and citric acid or Vitamin C. Then the original syrup is mixed with the spring water and finally bottled in our beautiful EFFERVE Signature embossed glass bottle with the famous traditional swing top.Made in the pure French tradition and using only natural ingredients, “EFFERVE” delivers a unique pleasure that combines the subtle refreshing taste of the lemon base to the lightness and fizz of the sparkling spring water.

Today available in 8 unique flavors (Lemon, Pink, Orange, French, Pomegranate Blueberry, Blood Orange Energy, Green Apple, and Tangerine Lime) the “EFFERVE” line of All Natural Traditional French Sparkling Lemonades is a pleasure for the eyes and a feast for the mouth.”



Company: Euro Bubblies
Brand:  Efferve Sparkling Lemonades
Slogan:  Euro Bubbles
Origin: US
Category:  Soft Drinks
Packaging:  Coming soon
Claims:  Three key ingredients, all natural
Variants: View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy: US, Store Locator



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