Coffee Spotlight: Loco Cold Brew Coffee + Maple Water

July 28, 2020
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Coffee Spotlight: Loco Cold Brew Coffee + Maple Water

Antioxidant infused cold brew coffee with just two simple ingredients: cold brew coffee and maple water. With 200mg of caffeine (more than two cups of coffee) and 355mg of potassium (as much as a banana!). It's time to feel good about your coffee!

Two Simple Ingredients
•Cold brew coffee and maple water, that's it!

No Added Sugar
•Save the added sugar, maple water is naturally sweet and refreshing.


Clean Energy
•Each can has 200mg of Caffeine. That's more than two cups of coffee!

•Each can has 355mg of Potassium which is the same as a banana!




About the Company
Dan and Sean are longtime friends that have always lived an on the go, active lifestyle. After graduating college and taking on the “real world,” they quickly realized the importance of convenient coffee. However, they refused to drink the high sugar/high calorie coffees, and they wanted something more beneficial than an artisanal black coffee. With no current options on the shelf to fit their needs, they created their own functional, better for you cold brew.

Company: Loco Coffee Co.
Brand: Loco
Origin: USA
Category: Coffee
Claims: No Added Sugar
Packaging: 12.0 fl oz
Variants: Coconut Water Cold Brew, Maple Water Cold Brew
Price: $34.99 (12 pack)
Where to Buy: Buy Online










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