Coffee Spotlight: Lizzy’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

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Coffee Spotlight: Lizzy’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate



So many options for this Lizzy's Fresh Coffee on the go! Grab a bottle for your office, for camping or a road trip, or just keep one in your fridge at home for an iced coffee or iced latte any time.
Every bottle contains 8 servings, and last in your refrigerator for 2 weeks from the brew date.

18 hours of love goes into cold brewing this incredible wallop of coffee. We hold nothing back! Our freshly roasted custom blend is brewed 1 day after roasting to capture every ounce of its taste in this divine brew. You’ll experience rich, nutty, berry flavors.

How to prepare: Add ice to a 12 oz glass For iced latte: mix 2 oz coffee to 4 oz milk For iced coffee: mix 2 oz coffee to 4 oz water Or, mix as tastes best to you to sip and enjoy! makes 8 servings | serving size 2 oz

Ingredients: caffeinated coffee, filtered water




About the Company
Established 2008 by owner & roaster Liz Roquet in her home town of Ketchum, Idaho, Lizzy's Fresh Coffee is a family owned roasterie focused on delivering the best quality coffees and exceptional personal service.

"Growing up as the daughter of an Austrian pastry chef, I had a love of coffee from as far back as I can remember. When the opportunity to start my own business came about, I knew exactly what that would be. Coffee. Not just any coffee, but amazing coffee. Producing a top quality product is our passion, but we never want anyone to feel intimidated to shop with us! Because of that, and because making great coffee is a team sport from the farm-to the roasterie-to you, we make it our mission to share coffee knowledge in a fun, practical way to help you brew like a pro at home. We look forward to inviting you in to the Lizzy's family to sip, learn, and enjoy!" -Lizzy




Company: Lizzy's Fresh Coffee
Brand:  Cold Brew Coffee
Slogan:  Lizzy's Fresh Coffee
Origin:  US
Category:  Coffee
Packaging:  16oz Iced Coffee Concentrate
Claims:  Freshly roasted custom blend
Variants:  View product range here
Price: $12.95
Where to Buy:  US, Buy Online