Coffee Spotlight: Hatch Coffee New blend – Tvilling

May 13, 2017
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Coffee Spotlight: Hatch Coffee New blend – Tvilling



Same coffee, different processing methods. Tvilling is a blend of natural and washed Heirloom coffee from the Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia, processed at the same processing mill in Gersi Kebele.

The natural presents notes of blueberry and strawberry, and the washed processed coffee is citrus forward. We combined the two into this special blend which is floral and fruity.

We've had amazing feedback on this blend, selling out at our most recent coffee show.

It's currently available for our Roastery Select subscribers, where this month highlights East African coffees.



About the company

The story of Hatch Cold Brew starts with one man’s enduring love for coffee, and the simple, reliable pleasure it brought him in his years on the road. After a decade in manufacturing, travelling constantly to meet the demands of his job, Alfonso would settle for a short time on a remote factory site in the African countryside, a world away from his roots in Toronto.
In spite of his nomadic past, over the years he had grown accustomed to hand-grinding and manually brewing his own coffee every morning. It blossomed into a ritual that gave him a daily sense of comfort and stability. Access to freshly roasted coffee was rare, so he took it upon himself to make his own.



Brand: Hatch
Origin: Canada
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 300g
Claims: blend of natural and washed Heirloom coffee
Variants: View Product Range Here
Price: Coming Soon
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