Coffee Spotlight: Cuvee San Jose Ocana – Natural

October 8, 2015
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Coffee Spotlight: Cuvee San Jose Ocana – Natural



Recently, we reached out to Guillermo and proposed a new idea.

Due to the high humidity in Latin America, coffee is typically processed utilizing the “washed” method. It is by this particular method that our current San Jose Ocana coffee is processed. However, there are two other commonly used ways to process coffee: “natural” and “pulp natural” (or “honey”) processing. Each processing method brings out different attributes in a coffee, and it was with this understanding that we asked ourselves, “How would San Jose Ocana taste when subjected to “natural” and “pulp natural” processing?” We relayed this idea to Guillermo who, at first, felt uncertain with the prospect. What would happen if the coffee did not meet our standards? To ease his worries and express our faith in him, we purchased the coffee at his normal contract price before he attempted the project. Guillermo crushed it!

Guillermo’s inaugural attempt at something never before seen in the Guatemalan coffee industry was a massive home run! And this highlights the security Guillermo had via our agreement. The security of a committed partner enabled him to experiment in ways he’d never imagined. Guillermo was able to reinvest in his business at an unorthodox time as well as confidently ventured into the unknown where there were no assurances of success. In short, this spectacular coffee was made possible because of the committed relationship and trust between Cuvee and Guillermo.

What we at Cuvee proudly submit to you for this month’s featured is Guillermo Sanchez’s San Jose Ocaña Trio: Washed, Natural, and Pulp Natural. This coffee is a testament to Guillermo’s unique giftedness as a farmer, as well as a chronological review of the relationship between he and Cuvee. Enjoy!



About the company

All of our coffees are sourced through fair, direct relationships and represent only the highest quality coffee and sustainable farms. Our farmer-partners are committed to producing the best possible coffee, and the Cuvee team combines skill, experience, attention to detail and technology to maintain an unwavering level of quality and consistency each and every time we roast.



Company: Cuvee Coffee
Brand:  San Jose Ocana - Natural
Slogan:  Cuvee Coffee
Origin: US
Category:  Coffee
Packaging:  12oz. and 2 pounds
Claims:  Natural processing methods, hand crafted in Texas
Variants: View product range here
Price:  12 oz. bag $17.09, 2 pound bag $45.58
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online



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