Coconut Trend in Food Paid

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Coconut Trend in Food Paid

The Insights Media research team has put together their first report covering Coconut as a Global trend in the past five years. In the report we explore the growth we have seen

The full report available for purchase contains:

  • Global Summary of the growth of Coconut throughout the food category
  • Category Analysis where Coconut is strongest
  • Regional Analysis of Coconut in New Product Launches
  • Trends Analysis including Graphs of Growth by Regions, Countries, Categories and Claims
  • 30 Detailed Examples of Innovative Products containing Coconut
  • Opportunities Analysis for Producers, Manufacturers and Retail
  • Future Predictions

An Introduction To The Report

The rise of Coconut as an ingredient as well as a flavor in the Food category over the past 3 years has been astounding. In almost every food category we are seeing Coconut being used where traditional flavors used to dominate. The Coconut Trend has been so strong in the past few years that we have decided to create a separate report for its impact on the Beverage Category as well. The health benefits derived from Coconut are a driving force in its use in so many different products.

Insights Media ´Coconut in Food´report highlights the growth of the Coconut Trend through an in depth analysis of where this trend has been most prevalent. We look at which categories have been most affected in terms of new product launches and where we expect this trend to go in the next few years. We focus mainly on new product launches from a global perspective to understand the flow of this trend. Through detailed examples of new products containing coconut our readers will have a more complete understanding of the impact of the coconut trend.

Insights Media is a Global Leader in understanding the trends that are most affecting consumer behavior as well as new product launches. In this first version of ´Coconut in Food´our readers will receive a detailed analysis of this trend, how it affects you as a consumer, producer, manufacturer or retail outlet, what opportunities exist and where the trend is headed.

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