Chili shampoo, what does it do for you?

April 19, 2012
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Chili shampoo, what does it do for you?

I’m all about the heat when it comes to spicy food and am often the one overdoing it with the salsa at the taco stand, so it was my surprise and pleasure to see this interesting product from Mexican company, Santé, whilst browsing the shampoo aisle. Chile shampoo! it just sounds like danger but equally intriguing.

It contains the active heat ingredient found in Chili, Capsaicin. And when applied to hair it is claimed to speed up the process of hair growth. It got me interested and I researched a little on the internet, and found there were actually several other shampoos containing the ingredient. The reviews regarding it’s effectiveness were mixed so it will be up to some self experimentation to see whether I see any results, will keep you posted.

Besides Capsaicin, it is also packed with other vitamins and nutrients known to be beneficial for healthy hair, they are;

- Gingko Biloba (strengthens and protects hair from splitting)

- Vitamin E (combats radicals and strengthens hair structure

- Vitamin C (prevents premature aging of hair and promoting its elasticity and resistance)

The packaging is quite standard as far as shampoo bottles go. And the imagery used is representative of what to expect from the product. It was spotted at a Soriana in Mexico City.

Presentation: 500ml bottle.

Price: $45-55 MXN.

Stockists: Soriana, Farmacias del Ahorro, Commercial Mexicana, Sanborns, Farmacias Benavides and Chedraui.

Claims: ‘The natural shampoo’

For additional local stockists and other products from Santé see their website.


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  1. Alex Sharif

    I am looking for mian producter or manufacturer of chili shampoo to stablish business with it. Any guidance on who or how to contact? It’s really appropriated.



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