Chile Products Seem to Be the New Rage in Mexico

April 25, 2012 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Chile Products Seem to Be the New Rage in Mexico

Shampoo Chile's and Acondicionador Aguacate's (Conditioner Avocado's), two products from the Mexican company Nattura Laboratorios, appear show the increasing trend in using Mexican fruits and vegetables as natural ingredients for personal care products. The chile, rosemary and espinocilla extracts in the shampoo are claimed to stimulate the scalp, strengthen hair, and increase body and volume. The avocado in the conditioner is supposed to help restructure hair and restore its moisture and vitality.

Chile shampoo is probably gaining popularity due to the assertions that it the stimulation it provokes speeds up hair growth and provides thin and limp hair with extra volume and resistance. Shampoo Chile's also contains added proteins and the relaxer keratin to help hair become more smooth, moisturized and shiny, and for a deep cleansing effect.

The packaging of these products is simple but attractive, with a paper vegetable hanging from the bottle, explaining all the benefits. For a natural shampoo, the cost is very low at just $24.00 for a 500 milliliter bottle.

The names of the shampoo and conditioner are a great example of Mexican misuse of the apostrophe. Normally used incorrectly to denote a plural, apostrophes before an 's' are seen everywhere in street advertising and independent businesses but have now spread to commercial products.

Company: Nattura Laboratorios.

Brand: Shampoo Chiles & Acondicionador Aguacate's.

Presentation: 500 ml.

Price: $24.00.

Purchased at: Walmart.

Claims: Shampoo stimulates hair growth, and improves condition of thin and limp hair; conditioner restores and restructures hair.