In Mexico Cheerios Launches Limited Edition Flavors

April 11, 2012
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In Mexico Cheerios Launches Limited Edition Flavors

On a recent trip to Walmart in Guadalajara we came across a display for limited edition Cheerios cereal.  For most of it´s history Cheerios has been churning out the plain flavored o´s we all came to love as children.  Recently as innovation and competition has heated up in the cereal category we have seen long standing brands feel the need to get in on the act, it´s about time.

Plain or no flavor (boring) cereals are not going to get you very far in today´s highly competitive breakfast category.  Newer varieties included light, healthy, organic, all natural and gluten free  just to name a few.  There is a strong need to be more creative and daring when it comes to flavors if you are not going to cater to a niche claim like organic or gluten free.

The limited edition Cheerios flavors include the following: Banana Nut, Chocolate and Cinnamon Burst. Our guess is that whichever sells the best during this limited time will continue on but you never know.  Variety is good and it´s good to see Cheerios branching out into new areas.  The breakfast category will continue to expand into new frontiers beyond just new flavors and we expect to see continued innovation in this area.


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