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Bear Oil

Ethically Questionable Natural Shampoos

Summary: The Super Crazy Look shampoo range includes a number […] Read More »

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World’s first compostable toothbrush and travel case

We’ve already come across a slew of products redesigned to […] Read More »

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Guys with shaved heads seem tougher, study says

Sometime in his late 30s, after his hair had been […] Read More »

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Deodorant By Apple

The Cheap “Expensive” Deodorant

Summary: Caro in Spanish means expensive. The Mexican company By […] Read More »

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Ink Butter Tattoo Aftercare

Getting a tattoo is a lot of work. Unless you’re […] Read More »

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Packaging Spotlight: Verb Hair Care

To stand out from the visual clutter of the salon […] Read More »

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Miss That Dead Tree Smell? There’s A Perfume For That

Stringing words together in intelligible sentences is an art that […] Read More »

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Sweat couture: Designer sportswear leading the fashion race

IT used to be that old T-shirts and baggy shorts […] Read More »

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Squirrel poo, IN YOUR FACE! No, seriously. Take it. It will do you good.

FORGET cold medicine - flying squirrel poo could be just […] Read More »

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