Personal Care


Smartphone app monitors users’ skin condition over time

Japanese Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a mobile app, Color Frame, […] Read More »



Sex Wipes? Swipes Lovin Wipes Make You Feel Clean and Sexy Too.

If you think wet wipes are a fad, consider that […] Read More »

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Budget Sunscreens Rate Better Than Expensive Brands

As Memorial Day approaches, heralding the start of the summer […] Read More »

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Big Hair Shampoo Sales Sky Rocket in the UK

It was once a staple for time-strapped housewife in the […] Read More »

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Pycnogenol: Therapy for Skin, Deadly for Free Radicals

Many trees and plants are rich sources of powerful botanical […] Read More »

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BB Cream

The Hot Beauty Product You Never Heard Of

If you don’t know what a “beauty balm” or “blemish […] Read More »

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Botox may soon be used in UK to treat migraine

Botox is being recommending as a preventive measure for migraine […] Read More »

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Cheap Mexican Shampoos

Cheap ‘Natural’ Shampoo Not Up to Standard

Summary: Natural beauty products are becoming all the rage in […] Read More »

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No Heidi Klum Ads for Beiersdorf as Science Trumps Sexy

Science trumps sex appeal in selling skincare, Beiersdorf AG (BEI) has found. […] Read More »

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Researchers leave a good tip for waitresses — wear red lipstick

RENNES, France -- Waitresses may strive to get orders correct […] Read More »

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