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Packaging Spotlight: GATE Skin Care Concept

Designed by Marat Kharisov, Andrey Varvarin, Masha Minina and Kate […] Read More »

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Product Spotlight: Marijuana Infused Body Lotions

If you want a side of marijuana with your beauty […] Read More »

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Product Spotlight: Tamale Perfume

“I could go wild and try to create a ‘pollo’ […] Read More »

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The Manliest Scent: Wood

Forget careful combinations of spice and bergamot, leather and primrose. […] Read More »

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Egg Nog Cologne Smells Like ‘Nutmeg and a Dash of Cinnamon’

Just in time for that last Christmas party, the Demeter […] Read More »

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Product Spotlight: Duke Cannon Black Bar

Stop what you’re doing, go into your bathroom and throw […] Read More »

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Product Spotlight: SINN Deodorant from Japan

Deodorants will become an absolute necessity during the summer. Today, […] Read More »

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Product Spotlight: The Healthy Deodorant

Get fresh and clean – chemical free! Lavanila deodorant is all-natural […] Read More »

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Pizza Perfume: Pizza Hut Releases ‘Eau de Pizza Hut’

Be careful what you wish for on the internet: Pizza […] Read More »

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Sriracha Lip Balm Isn’t What You’d Expect

Although it’s perfectly natural to think that this stuff would […] Read More »

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