Personal Care


Whiskey Scented Cologne

Perfumier (which is a fancy way of saying “people who […] Read More »

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Old Spice Introduces a Bar Soap, Backed by Humorous Ads in the USA

Old Spice is launching a new product in the USA—a […] Read More »

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Packaging Spotlight: ECODENTA Black and White Toothpastes

Designed by VRS WPI Vilnius, Lithuania. Designer: Marija Mikulskienė BIOK […] Read More »

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Bacon-Flavored Scope Mouthwash

You may remember a buzz about Doritos flavored Scope from […] Read More »

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Packaging Spotlight: Mr. Stache Hipster Soap

The work was to create a simple name and a […] Read More »

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Packaging Spotlight: Shanat Handmade Shampoo

Shanat, is a hand-made shampoo by local artisans in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. […] Read More »

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Packaging Spotlight: Interapothek Toothpaste

Designed by Eduardo del Fraile | Country: Spain “Range of toothpaste for […] Read More »

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Personal Care Spotlight: A Tongue-Mounted Toothbrush

Tongue 2 Teeth (or T2T) is an invention by Adel […] Read More »

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Jolly Rancher-Scented Nail Polish

If you loved those fruit-scented markers as a kid, here’s […] Read More »

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Product Launch: Bentley Fragrances for Men

Bentley has joined luxury car marques including Mercedes and Ferrari […] Read More »

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