Dissolvable Wrapper Lets You Drink Your Instant Coffee & The Packaging

MonoSol has found a smart way to reduce plastic waste […] Read More »

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A selection of packaged goods

Edible packaging: fancy a wrap?

Packaging you can eat is said to be the next […] Read More »

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Packaging Spotlight: Borderfields Dressings

“The new Borderfields dressings range is about to hit the […] Read More »

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Bottle uses UV light to sterilize unsafe drinking water

New from California-based CamelBak the All Clear water bottle uses […] Read More »

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Budweiser Uses Packaging to Trace Your Beer

Budweiser, the iconic global beer brand, has introduced “Track Your […] Read More »

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stacked full

Stacked: A New Way to Drink Wine

The bottles you're used to yield four glasses. A California […] Read More »

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Product Innovation: Sweetbird Smoothies

Sweetbird has developed a new range of Naturally Sweetened Smoothies […] Read More »

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Black + Blum Design A Better Water Bottle

Black + Blum goes back to basics with a military […] Read More »

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egg shell recycling

Scientists recycle egg shells into plastics to make food packs

Food industry experts and scientists are hatching a plan this […] Read More »

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Sidel unveils new ‘stack and pack’ bottle

The technology, called ‘Stack & Pack,’ could be on the […] Read More »

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