Jug of McJordan BBQ Sauce Has SOLD for $9,995

That 1992 vintage of McDonald's McJordan BBQ sauce, which was […] Read More »

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Now even the FRENCH are getting fat

A diet of junk food and a couch-potato lifestyle is […] Read More »

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Oreo Cakesters

Oreo Cookies Become Cake with Oreo Cakesters

Summary: Oreo Cakesters are crème filled cake sandwiches available in […] Read More »

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100% Raw Coconut Water

100% Raw Coconut Water

Summary: The 100% Raw Coconut Water is the original product […] Read More »

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The Newest Japanese Fashion Trend: Mood-Sensing Cat Tails

In Japan, cat-tail accessories are constantly being re-innovated, taken to […] Read More »

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Concept Cellphone Uses Sugary Drinks For Energy Source

A concept phone utilizes sugary drinks as the power source […] Read More »

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Heineken Releases James Bond-Themed Beer Bottles

Look for the 'Star Bottle' at stores starting this month […] Read More »

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Mike’s New Hard Chocolate Cherry Lemonade

Mike’s newest beverage features Santa Claus reveling in cherries on […] Read More »

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SPARQ Soapstone Whiskey Stones

Why We Love Them: Soapstone Whiskey Stones are superior to […] Read More »

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The World’s Most Expensive, Oldest Cocktail Costs $8,835

London bartender Salvatore Calabrese didn't need gimmicks to create the […] Read More »

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