Food Trends


Burger King Creates a Bacon Sundae, Tries to Be Trendy

Burger King is the latest to jump on the bacon […] Read More »

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Krispy Kreme Launches Four New Products in “Fruit Stand Flavors” Line

Krispy Kreme is ushering in the warm summer season with […] Read More »

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Five Burger Ideas from Spain

One popular tool in McDonald’s Euro marketing kit has been […] Read More »

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Whole Grain Food Market Booming

The global market for whole grain and high fiber foods […] Read More »

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Perky Jerky: Guarana Infused Beef Jerky

Ok so you gotta love caffeinated meat products. Probably the […] Read More »

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Burger King Immortalizes Its Cheeseburger In Eyeshadow

Burger King’s latest foray into visual advertising introduces a new […] Read More »

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Hokkaido Milk White Kit Kat from Japan

Among the many uncommon food products that can be found […] Read More »

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Stevia Rebaudiana-Süsskraut

Stevia – analysing the market’s potential

The natural and zero-calorie stevia has been dubbed the holy […] Read More »

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The New ‘Ketchup’

Ranch Dressing Thickens Up, Takes on Ketchup Hidden Valley Foods […] Read More »

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Food Products to Boost Your Golf Game

A typical game of golf can take hours if you’re […] Read More »

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