Food Trends


The Chia Craze

Many people in the UK won't have heard of the […] Read More »

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Vancouver Restaurants: The Next Global Trendsetters?

Restaurant-industry professionals debate how trendsetting our food scene is on […] Read More »

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Kraft Spins Off Snacks in Crummy New Name

Kraft is spinning off its snack business from its grocery […] Read More »

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Curious Combo: Mac & Cheese, Ravioli

Pasta-filled pasta is the latest food innovation sold under Wegmans’ […] Read More »

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Families Waste Up to $2K Per Year on Uneaten Food

If you want to save money, a good way to […] Read More »

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International Food Etiquette Customs To Know Before You Travel

You have good manners, right? After all, you (usually) keep […] Read More »

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Cheese Trends Driven By Flavor, Variety and New Menu Concepts

Sophisticated cheese flavors and varieties continue to develop along with […] Read More »

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Five Foods That Can Change the World

When Andrew Zimmern tells us we ought to try a […] Read More »

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Why Calorie Counts on Menus Aren’t Useful

Research from Columbia University suggests that restaurants need better guidelines […] Read More »

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Hypoallergenic Eggs Are an Allergy-Friendly Future Food

Scientists at Deakin University in Australia are currently working on […] Read More »

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