Tradesy is a second market for authentic designer apparel

Women can buy and sell designer fashion without the risks […] Read More »

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Amazon fashion: can it become the next net-a-porter?

The web giant is intent on muscling in on the […] Read More »

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The Newest Japanese Fashion Trend: Mood-Sensing Cat Tails

In Japan, cat-tail accessories are constantly being re-innovated, taken to […] Read More »

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The Facebook jacket that gives you a hug with every like

The jacket designed by Melissa Chow syncs with your Facebook […] Read More »

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Clothing fabric recycled from landfill trash

Vapor Apparel is launching its ECO Spin fabric which is […] Read More »

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My Social Stylist App

Imagine this. You are out shopping, alone, and you come […] Read More »

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Thin and sexy is OK, tan is not

Cheap-chic clothing brand Hennes & Mauritz AB was reprimanded by […] Read More »

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World’s largest shoe store to launch in Dubai

Marilyn Monroe famously said, “Give a girl the right shoes […] Read More »

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A purse and iPhone charger

Even with extended battery life, there still will be a […] Read More »

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Vernissage: Wine in a Purse from Sweden

Summary Innovativon comes in all forms and in this case […] Read More »

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