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Sales of Craft Beer Are Hopping

BOULDER, Colo. -- Anyone responsible for stocking a beer cave […] Read More »

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drinking beer

Cheers! Drink beer and live longer

Up until you're 21, you're told that drinking alcohol is […] Read More »

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A new line of cactus sap beverages from Villa de Patos.

‘Aguamiel de Maguey Organico’ is the name of a new […] Read More »

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Starbucks admits to bugs in the system

SEATTLE: When US coffee chain Starbucks changed its Frappuccino mix […] Read More »

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Cupcake-Flavored Vodka: Delicious or Disastrous?

Have you ever found yourself deciding between a cupcake and […] Read More »

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100-Plus Proof: Crazy, or Trendy?

The other day, I gave a curious friend a sip […] Read More »

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An actual magical bean? How green coffee bean extract could help you lose weight

Forget the acai berry. Green coffee beans could be the […] Read More »

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OMG!!! New ‘Texting’ Wines Are GR8!!!

There's seriously nothing I love more than opening a delicious […] Read More »

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Gluten-Free Beer from Anheuser-Busch

Bottom Shelf research director Emily has suffered from occasional migraine […] Read More »

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Is expensive wine worth the money?

Why does one bottle of wine set you back a […] Read More »

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