Drink Trends


The Secret Menu At Starbucks

Everybody wants to be in the know about secret menus, […] Read More »

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Frutos de Vida Wages War on Fake Natural

Sin Secretos has waged war on artificial colors, flavors, preservatives […] Read More »

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New Fruit Nectar Drinks by Boing!

Pascual has added to their natural fruit juices line with […] Read More »

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Better Than Brita: An Industrial Strength Home Water Filter

Fresh water is a scarce resource and is growing scarcer […] Read More »

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Wine hotels: staying the night?

IMAGINE THIS. You’ve got the vineyard, you’ve got the brand, you’ve […] Read More »

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skim milk

Skim Milk Drinkers Rejoice: You May Have a Lower Stroke Risk

A recent Swedish study found that people who consumed low-fat […] Read More »

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3 Unique International Spirits You Should Try

When it comes time to unwind, I usually reach for […] Read More »

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A New Sports Drink Scores By Winning Over Soccer Fans (And Soccer Moms)

Among soccer-crazed Seattleites, the hottest ticket in town isn’t at […] Read More »

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The Rise of Single-Spirit Bars

The beginning of this century has seen a dramatic shift […] Read More »

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Eurythmics star releases wine

Former Eurythmics star Dave Stewart has become the latest celebrity […] Read More »

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